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Vaping Your Way to War Crimes with Duncan Hunter

It's that time again, folks. That time in which Duncan Hunter, a man who is such a damn Marine that even after getting out shows he's completely shit with his finances, graces this podcast once again

However this time it's not just his defrauding wounded warriors programs that we're after. This time around, Duncan is on his war crime apologia tour, which continues with the Barstool Sports military podcast Zero Blog Thirty

We're not here to get into a pissing contest with another podcast. Instead we are here to be mad that Hunter is ONCE AGAIN defending Eddie Gallagher, a man so fucking heanious in his conduct that multiple other SEALs have come forward to report him, and infact adjusted his sights without him knowing because he was purpously targeting civilians. This is the man a sitting congressman wants to defend.

We've been doing these stupid fucking wars for 18 years at this point, and there's no real signs of slowing down. We have racked up a million bodies and hoo boy have we done some war crimes. As Nate and Francis point out often, when you're accuesd of war crimes to a point that you face prosecution, there's a pretty big chance you've done it.

So shout out to ZB30 for having the guts to go into Hunter's office and quietly assert that's not the way we do things (When war crimes is absolutely how we do things) instead of spending an hour screaming at him for being an absolute shithead. Three cheers to the veterans who are nodding their heads and saying this is the polite discourse we need in this world in which we all hold hands with the men working to tear apart whatever American fabric is left. Certainly our politeness will win the day against the people who are literally creating concentration camps for kids and bragging about killing hundreds of civilians.


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