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TTPs for Making Your Soldiers Eat Their Vegetables

This week on What a Hell of a way to Die, Francis and Nate discuss the health (Or lack there of) of the military dining facility.

Look, I get it. Kids these days are too fat and stupid to join the Army. Hell even the ones in the Army are turning out to be too fat and stupid to keep soldiering. So of course the Army is weighing the possibilities of turning everyone into crossfitting keto dieters.

Keto, if you don't know, requires a very specific diet that pointedly doesn't involve the food groups of your basic warfighter: Pizza, Beer, gas station snacks, and Copenhagen. In fact, as soon as you eat any of those things, it can take days to get your body back into a Ketosis state to burn off fat instead of Dominos pizza and PBR.

The Army loves to do some Good Idea Fairy bullshit. Sometimes it works. Personally I think PRT is a good overall body weight workout. Sometimes it doesn't and we have a PT Test with deadlifts now. But certainly you're not going to be able to tell soldiers they can't eat garbage and get drunk. It's the only happiness most of us get!

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