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Training: No. Laser Tanks: Yes! (feat Joe Kassabian)

This week on What a Hell of a Way to Die, Joe Kassabian, author of Hooligans of Kandahar, joins Francis to talk about is upcoming book Citizen of Earth.

I reviewed Hooligans last year, and this is Joe's first major jump into fiction, drawing upon his experience in the military and his love for science fiction, but with socialism instead of some weird form of space fascism. We highly recommend listening to him tell you about it in his own words

Then, we discuss an article from The National Interest on how to lose a war, which seems to hinge on challenging the US Military to a fight. The author gives five reasons why America would win any war. If you're wondering why we haven't used any of these things now in the current wars, it's because everything is theoretical and at least one entry is robot tanks. Zero happen to be anything like good morale and well trained soldiers, of course.

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