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The Your Honor, Trump Made My Client a Moron

Pictured: Q Shaman - Notably Normal Person


Months after the January 6th insurrection attempt, we're starting to see the boring part of the Law and Order episode: Litigation.

Surprisingly, there's not a lot of defense you can leverage when you're recorded physically destroying government buildings and hunting elected officials. Personally I would try to do a temporary insanity plea of some kind. I feel a guy we all know as 'Q Shaman' could probably make that work. Their lawyer felt different. See below

Certainly I cannot say the lawyer is completely wrong in his reasoning, language aside. If you spend a couple years drinking from the propaganda firehose that is Fox News for the last twenty years, chances aren't good you're coming out with an ability to critically think. Still, "the devil made me do it" might have extra weight if everyone thinks you're as dumb as a post. I can't blame the lawyer for getting down some ground game.

I am a bit melancholy for the true believers though. The ones who still claim to have gotten secret messages from Trump through the TV beamed into their eyes. Or maybe this has been the plan all along. Take the heat and keep Commandant Trump away from blame until his next message through 5G numbers station.


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