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The Missouri Democrat

Mark and Patricia McCloskey decided the St. Louis Mayor’s massive fuck up just wasn’t enough, and they had to take matters into their own hands. ‘Matters’ of course being the two most comical guns I’ve ever seen brandished by someone attempting to look serious. Mark came out toting an AR-15 variant that looks like the busted, Cold War Era M-16 I was assigned in basic training 20 years ago. Patricia sported what looks like a James Bond side gun that should be strapped to your leg and only used in emergencies. Neither one looks like they have had any training on their chosen weapons. They just know the button makes it go bang and the bad guys die.

There are a hundred angles that will be dissected from a thousand writers in the weeks to come, and the St. Louis protests are far from over. The McCloskeys will fade back into obscurity (outside of general meme warfare on the TL). There’s Castle Law, there’s private roads, there’s the right to defend vs the right to protest. Overall I think It’s pretty obvious to anyone who is a fan of this podcast that waving around assault rifles is only going to make things worse not better.

As two successful trail lawyers, the couple has already mounted a very smart defense, mixing “We were fearing for our lives” along with “We fully support the Black Lives Matter movement”. It’s not often you see someone who manages to hit talking points from both sides of the aisle.

It is, of course, probably complete bullshit. The McCloskey’s have made multiple campaign contributions over the years, but most recently to Trump. You will be hard pressed to convince me these people are supporters of both Trump and Black Lives Matter.

But you know who does live in this private neighborhood of fancy gates to keep out the riff raff? Our esteemed mayor Lyda Krewson. A Democrat who stays behind walls away from the voters. A Democrat who talks a big game against Trump, but finds herself surrounded by his supporters. On the show I talk a lot about Missouri Democrats and what that really means. A Missouri Democrat has a constant uphill battle against right wing extremism which is woven into the fabric of the state. What can a Missouri Democrat do but capitulate to the right? Former Missouri senator (and now MSNBC talking head) Claire McCaskill desperately tried to hold on to her seat in 2018 by clinging to Trump on border issues and calling Bernie supporters crazy.

She lost to Josh Hawley, a man who espouses National Socialist ideas and doesn’t understand how the WTO works.

Are the McCloskey’s democrats? Possibly. I wouldn’t be surprised if they vote for Biden in 2020 considering he’s the ‘sane conservative’ wet dream of being deep in the pocket of banks, oil, and other industry without all the light treason. But they are Missouri democrats and therein lies the problem. You can be a part of the party here, but if you’re comfortable with all the guests, I’m going to wonder about your sanity.

I will also footnote this and say there are some pretty great Democrats in Missouri who might not be the hammer and sickle waving people you want, but they do seem to care about the state and it’s people. Jason Kander, Bruce Franks Jr, Elad Gross, Nicole Galloway, and Mark Osmark come to mind, along with a lot of local alderpeople and state reps. Will it be enough? Probably not, but at least there is a good fight to be had.