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The Case of 2000 Missing Small Arms

At least once or twice a month I have to go into my home office, sit at the computer, and run the Find my Phone option which makes the phone start ringing so I can find it. So I don't want anyone to think I'm making myself out as a guy who has his shit together and knows where all his stuff is. I don't.

I have never lost a gun though. Dropped a couple, but I try to keep positive control of my weapons because I'm a responsible adult and the Army taught me to maintain myself and my arms.

Naturally this is a story about the Army losing a shitton of guns. roughly 2000 though even that estimate is certainly low.

As an NCO, I had to do a lot of inventory, specifically the weapons and other 'sensitive items' as we call them. Sensitive in that if you lose one it is more of a shit show then if you lost something simple, like a tent or Humvee.

Among the missing are well over a thousand rifles, a couple hundred handguns, grenade launchers, machine guns and seven things cryptically marked as 'Other' (Do you hope they are or aren't counting the six missing nukes?)

The problem with stolen guns is your regular, law abiding gun owners like you and me don't buy stolen guns. And when guns are stolen from the military, they end up in the hands of a criminal element. Now where they might get grenades for the 36 missing grenade launchers is a mystery, but they got the launchers somehow. We can't discount resourcefulness of a criminal element.

I'm sorry this is America and I will need you to register that MK-19 grenade launcher


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