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Rural Leftists, Assemble! feat. Tarence Ray

This week Tarence Ray from Trillbilly Working Party joins Nate and Francis to discuss being a leftist in rural Kentucky (and Missouri. and Indiana)

Ever so often, it seems some enterprising company out west looks into the middle of the country and sees wide open spaces, cheap land, and somewhat high speed internet and decides it would be a perfect time to relocate or start building up the land for us flyover bumpkins. Millions of dollars gets poured into the area to teach miners how to do coding work, a few buildings are put up, and then suddenly everything disappears. jobs and opportunities don't materialize, and everyone fucks off back to California.

Listen in to the episode this week to learn more about extracting labor and money out of the midwest, and how the country would be brought to its knees if these "bumpkins" decided to unionize and stop sending raw materials to the big cities.


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