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Operation Bunker Busting New Brunswick

We at the podcast don't cover Qanon very often. There's plenty of people willing to stare into that madness rune so we don't have to. But when Qanon dips its toes into military logistics, it makes our ears perk up.

Reports are coming in from across the internet: 50k Chinese soldiers prepared for invasion were killed with a singular large bomb that killed them all hiding beneath Stephen King's house. Something like that.

It didn't happen, of course. But could it happen? That's what we're aiming to find out

First lets discuss geographical locations: China in on the Pacific Ocean while Maine is Atlantic. So how does one get multiple large ships filled with Chinese soldiers across the ocean and onto the other side of the continent?

Take a look at this:

And consider the following

I'm not saying, I'm just saying maybe we're being duped in a way we're just not considering

Of course, this doesn't explain the lack of a bomb site, 50k charred bodies, a single cell phone ping from a Chinese iPhone checking Tinder for hot Cailis girls nearby. Nor does it tell me what happens to the tons of shit, piss, and other waste created by 50k Soldiers of any kind. Nor does it address how these Chinese soldiers would invade America with nothing but the small arms they brought along. Nor does it tell me where the food and transportation ships might be.

BUT at least we know how they got there: Through the subtle art of global warming.


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