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News Roundup: There is no Joy in Tuberville

It's a News Roundup! This week we're discussing Senator Tuberville's war on the military, refusing to let nominations for top spots go through because Soldiers might want to not die of pregnancy. Tuberville doesn't like that the DoD will reimburse troops for travel to different states for abortions if they are in a state that bans it. Of course he's doing it for fascist reasons and not cool ones like legalizing marijuana federally so troops don't get hemmed up for smoking a blunt on a Saturday. In today's Army you become an alcoholic and that's that.

Next up: The Marines graduated a Sikh private from bootcamp wearing all his articles of faith. This is the first in a much bigger step of allowing beards altogether, but before that we'll need about twenty pages added to AR 670-1 on the proper wear of a damn beard. Hope you're ready for bored sergeants major with rulers and protractors.

As a side note: Look how good the EGA looks on a turban.

Final news story is one near and dear to me: We're finally going to stop flying WWII era airplanes over Normandy while chucking 90+ year old men out of them.

If you're wondering what the change is, it's we're going to stop flying the airplanes and instead paint some C130s in WWII stripe and throw the old men out of that instead. For years we've been down to just a few of these ancient flying machines. Lets not forget that last year during an air show two of these vintage aircraft collided, killing six people. So not only do we have a dwindling stock of aircraft, but they aren't very safe overall (and also air shows are frivolous, unnecessary, and should be left in the past with tank parades and unrolled sleeves).

However I do support throwing old men out of airplanes over Normandy if they're into it.

For our reading this week, I found the Arctic Arsenal from Ft. Greely, Alaska. Don't give socialsim in the great white north the...cold shoulder.


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