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Liz Cheney Hates Peace (It’s Genetic)

This week on What a Hell of a way to Die, Francis and Nate discuss peace talks with the Taliban and how yet another Cheney is trying to sabotage everything and Keep War Great some more.

Look, the war fucking sucks and we should stop it. We had the chance to get a hold of Bin Laden in 2002 when the Taliban offered to hand him over (Taliban isn't al Queda, we will repeat that over and over in the episode). America, being full of piss and vinegar and not balls deep in debt yet, said fuck that, we're gonna do some war.

And here we are, eighteen years later, and guess what we're doing? We are negotiating with terrorists! Yes those Tali-boys in their man jammies and flip flops have somehow managed to do it. Afghanistan beats back another empire and America is getting ready to tuck tail and pull back...with a price.

You see, they want to be recognized as a part of the government, and Liz Cheney just won't stand for it. I would love to believe her concerns for the women and girls of Afghanistan is real (I'm not going to dive into her voting record for your general Americans but I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's not great). I also want great and wonderful things for all the women and girls of Afghanistan and everywhere else. But also, ALSO, I'm going to say that our war in Afghanistan is unwinnable and everything we're doing is just going to make things worse.

Well, worse for the people of Afghanistan. I'm sure the Cheney family is going to be just fucking fine


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