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It Seems Imperialism Is Always Bad

This week, Nate and Francis bring Adrian Bonenberger back to the show. Long time listeners will remember Adrian as one of our former hosts who spent a lot of time in Ukraine after the 2014 invasion. His wife and son are Ukranian, so he has a bit more skin in the game than your average American.

In this episode we talk about Adrian's recent time in Ukraine evacuating his in-laws and helping to train civilians in small unit tactics in the event Russia manages to make it to their city. We also discuss the narratives surrounding the war, both the ones we agree with and the ones we don't.

War is complicated and regardless of what one thinks about the makeup of the Ukrainian resistance, the fact is Russia violently invaded a sovereign country to impose it's will on them. We are anti war, but we are not pacifists who believe in concessions, especially to Russia, as they roll through cities conducting genocidal attrition of the civilian population.

However, what we all can agree on is the lack of any sort of PMCS on Russian armor in the last couple years which has caused multiple Russian assets to be captured with tractors is very funny.


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