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Houthi Drone Operators: Gamer Legends

How embarrassed would you be to get your shit wrecked by a gamer? Not online, but irl. That's what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia discovered after a shit load of oil tankers in the KSA got hit with strikes from some foreign entity.

Of course in this day in age, you can't actually trust the government to give us a straight answer on anything. After the lead in to the Iraq War, can we truly trust anything intel has to say about a war? So maybe it was something more sophisticated than a quad copter with a 88mm mortar round. Does that mean we can't imagine the hilarity of some dude in northern Iraq with a joystick and Xbox controller puffing a Juul and surrounded by Code Red Mountain Dew?

Also on the podcast, we once again discuss the military's difficulties with white nationalism in the ranks. Honestly conservative crazy pants is the default political position of anyone who joins, so it's particularly difficult to ferret out people who cross the line from "I hate islam and immigrants" to "I hate islam and immigrants and will kill them outside the extrajudicial punishment options I am given due to my station in the Armed Forces"

Speaking of war, here's a new shirt out and read for you warriors of Atropian legend


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