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Grief Police: An Online Military Specialty

In September of 2019, Aron Eisenberg died due to heart failure. He was best known for his role on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as the Ferengi Nog who has an incredible arc from dumb kid running around the station to Starfleet officer, and even confronting Post Traumatic Stress due to war. I wrote about his character dealing with PTSD (available free on the patreon)

I’m not really one to mourn celebrities, but Aron’s death was a bit jarring. He and I interacted on twitter a few times, and he read the piece I wrote about him and thanked me for sharing it with him. I mourned his death my own way.

Recently Basketball star Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter accident with one of his daughters. There arguably hasn’t been a star in the game like him since Michael Jordan, and he touched the lives of many not just through his skills on the court, but the things he did for the community off it.

So why am I bringing up a secondary actor from a Star Trek series in the 90s and a basketball superstar? Because when Aron Eisenberg passed, I don’t remember seeing absolute garbage like this

That, by the way, it a major General in charge of Cadet Command. All the new officers in the Army are watched over by this dude who is playing the “What about the troopies?!?!” card. He was rightfully dragged from end to end of twitter, but I regret to inform you that a two star General doesn't have shame. If they did they would have left the Army when they were still a Captain.

In American culture, the troops are only useful for political grandstanding. When you have valid criticism of basic infrastructure, rest assured some cheesedick conservative will be there to smugly post “But what about the troop?” and then do literally nothing to fix whatever malady we troops are suffering. You want to help the troops? Stop getting us killed in stupid wars. Stop poisoning us, stop breaking our bodies and brains.

And if you’re not going to do that, just shut the fuck up


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