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Ghosn Baby Ghosn

We here at What a Hell of a Way to Die try to remain compassionate. We don't like to see people suffer, but also we don't really like the military. Which is why having compassion for the US Military Special Forces is just so conflicting. On one hand, they are mostly lunatics, half probably under investigation for some kind of fraud. On the other hand, well, they feel to me like every crying, shaking dog in the Sarah McLachlan abused animal commercials.

Someone, somewhere, please help these men. Get the some therapy for God sake.

Our most recent episode discusses the latest from those fighting men who take their skills to the private sector. Michael Taylor and his son helped smuggle Nissan executive Carlos Ghosn out of Japan to Lebanon to escape, just, a whole litany of charges.

If you missed our episode on the LAST major fuckup wherein a former Navy SEAL attempted to do a coup in Venezuela and was stopped by some fishermen with a pistol who were pissed off their engines were fucking with the catch, you can listen here. The problem here, of course other than the needed therapy, is there's just no good jobs out there for an ex-Green Beret. If you can't write a book or run for office, how do you make money on the outside?

Unfortunately there exists no kind of halfway house for Delta Force. They get out get flung into a hard world with no guaranteed paycheck and a very specialized, and ultimately unnecessary, skill set.

I want to do better. A foundation of some kind. The Hell of a Way to Die home for wayward boys. We get all the special forces, re-educate them into socialists and teach them to use their entrenching tools to dig gardens, not hasty fighting positions.


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