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Get your shot, private.

I'm not sure how many ways it can be said here, but the military isn't the land of the free and the home of the brave. When you sign up for the military, a large chunk of your bodily autonomy is taken away from you, but you volunteered so it's on you if you don't like getting massive amounts of vaccinations in a room with padded floors because people have a tendency to pass out when hit with too much flu juice.

SecDef. Lloyd Austin did the thing he said he was going to do and is now restricting funding for Reserve and National Guard troops for not being vaccinated against COVID. This might seem a bit harsh, but this is also the punishment for not getting all the other shots, including the flu shot, every year. Get the shots or get flagged. Flagged means no career advancement, no reenlistment, and no more money if they kick you out.

I have heard soldiers say to one another they have each other's backs in whatever comes their way, but for some reason everyone is really brave about hypothetical bullets and then needs to turn it around when there's a vaccination for a global pandemic. Brother, I'm PAO. I rarely need you to get my back during a firefight. What I do need is to not get sick with something that can fuck me up for life just because you have a bad cough.

If there's one thing we've learned about American Individualism, it's the only way you're getting an American to do anything is to fuck with their bag. Vaccine mandates work because people have to get the shot or lose their jobs, and the people who aren't getting shots apparently have all the money they need.


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