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Get in the Auto(nomous) Zone

Before we get into the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (or the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest depending on who you speak to) we have to acknowledge the history of Seattle, Washington and their dedication to Not Fucking Around. In 1999 there were such heavy protests against the WTO that the clash is referred to as the Battle of Seattle.

I can't say I saw this coming, but I can say I saw something like this on the horizon. Get yourself a racist leader to let all the other racists know it's perfectly okay to be racist, add in a pandemic that has, so far, killed more Americans than WWI and driven unemployment to it's worst since the Depression, and then add in a booming economy for a very select amount of people who are already incredibly rich.

Personally, I don't read much about the CHAZ/CHOP from anyone not there, and even then it's got to be taken with a grain of salt. This isn't to say it's not working or we don't support it, but I try my best to stay tuned in to recognizing propaganda. Because I can't really trust any of the sources, I stay skeptical of anything I hear, good or bad. Everyone will be biased, and I suppose that has to happen, considering even this podcast said it's time to pick a side.

Perhaps it's just difficult for me personally because I'm incredibly beaten and jaded by politics and activism from the last five years of my life. As I said before, I 100% support this endeavor because it's new and weird and no one knows what's going to happen. Occupation has happened in the past, but not under the wild circumstances we find ourselves in today.

I hope it goes well and I really hope government leadership isn't preparing to make martyrs out of the occupiers. I think the best way to own the political leadership would be to just hand it all back. Let them know they have it because of the grace and mercy of the occupation forces, not because of violence.

It's not up to me though, nor do I believe I could be a part of something like this. Which is why, once again, I support what they are doing. People are pissed off and the establishment had numerous opportunities to clean up policies, but they didn't. CHAZ/CHOP is the result of politicians believing, correctly, they can do whatever they want to whomever they want and get away with it. Protests are not getting smaller, they are not stopping, and they are getting stronger.

Sorry, capitalist class. You fucked around and you're now finding out.


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