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Rep. Duncan Hunter: A Memorial

Pour out a Juul pod, the vaping gamer future president has fallen.

How will he pay for his Steam games now? Who will buy his juice? can he take his five mistresses to concerts now? Does he have to surrender the rabbit?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Duncan Hunter has long been the favorite of this podcast. Perpetuating a border crossing which he had to admit was faked because otherwise he was in violation of his bail. Having five mistresses across the country while blaming his campaign finance fraud. And finally, telling the Navy to "Go fuck themselves". (which is a statement 100% endorsed by this show)

It's easy to just say Duncan Hunter is an idiot, and certainly he is, but behavior like this comes from believing the rules don't apply to you. Considering he was one of the first to support Trump, a man who famously believes laws don't apply to him (and is correct considering he is facing zero consequences) the things he did makes sense. Sadly for Duncan, he's just not powerful or charismatic like the president to surround himself with people who will filing themselves under the bus in hopes to curry favor for a racist billionaire with a cue ball for a brain

So here's to you Duncan. Our offer still stands to come on the show. We've certainly clowned on you enough that you deserve a chance to defend yourself while we clown on you to your face


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