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Don't worry, you're (probably) not going to war

I mean you, the person reading this, is probably not going to war. Unless you were dumb enough to join the military (lol idiot) there won't be a draft because we have plenty of people who love America or need health care or whatever.

What's important here is the fun world of PROPAGANDA which I know and hate and good lord is it already out there in droves.

Lets get one thing straight: You probably had no idea who Qasem Soleimani was before the year 2020. Shit no one did other than war nerds and intel guys, but that's not going to stop every conservative pundit from frothing at the mouth about the brave UAV that put its life on the line to kill the shit out of him.

First off, this guy apparently has a body count on him of 602(ish) American Soldiers who were killed with Iranian arms and IEDs. Ok, fair enough, we should dig up the leaders of the Soviet Union while we're at it for all those RPGs and explosives they left behind in Afghanistan that were eventually used against the American troops. We...won't get into the what the Americans were doing there in the first place, that's a whole other propaganda bag to unpack.

Today, however, the spin starts. Depending on who you talk to, Soleimani was anything from the greatest military commander Iran has had in recent memory to a terrorist who was planning to carry out attacks on American citizens. Vice President Mike Pence has quite a thread about how Iran has provided Houthi rebels with weapons leading to destabilization in the region, but no mention on who exactly is arming the Saudis. Though to be fair if *I* was pumping weapons into the KSA just to watch videos of Saudi military fleeing their tanks after being attacked by dudes in flip flops with AKs, I'd be calling foul as well.

Soleimani is dead and if these ties between him and the Taliban, or him and the 9/11 hijackers (the majority of whom were Saudi) are real, we should see that. But we won't see it and you are right to not trust it. Because you have been lied to before by the government about Iraq and its ties to the Taliban.

There's a lot further we can dive into this, and honestly we're all a little burned out on it so far. We're not evern touching the "Telling me to enlist because I have a war boner is lazy" from Matt Walsh or "Why would you impeach a president who killed a terrorist" from Stuart Varney. But just keep in mind this: If you think someone is lying to you, they probably are. President Trump in the past has shown he has no problem tweeting out classified information and if there is proof Soleimani was planning attacks, we should see that. But we probably won't because I'm sure it's all circumstantial anyway.

Trump is just mad because Soleimani killed more ISIS than he did anyway

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