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Don't Drink the Water (Feat. Haley Britzky)

This week on the show, Francis talks with Task and Purpose journalist Haley Britzky about how the military has managed to dump enough fuel into a Hawaii aquifer that people can nearly light their faucets on fire

Some of the finer points of this story: For once the Army was good at communications, literally putting signs on the doors of military families to not drink the tap water and where they could get clean, potable water. The Navy, as usual, dicked around a couple days until they were yelled at enough to put together a PAO package to put out some info.

Really all it took was a bunch of service members and family to reach out to news organizations because the chain of command seems unable to understand how to command.

Thankfully everyone has removed their heads from their asses and have been working on a solution, but further testing into the effects of the fuel spill into the water needs to be conducted. Nothing like doing your laundry and suddenly your sheets are flammable.


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