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Anarchism for the 21st Century

Photos by James Stout. Words by Francis

Reporter and academic James Stout joined Francis this week to discuss his recent trip to report from the US/Mexico border. It turns out it's a popular crossing spot for people feeling countries America helped wreck. And now that also means Afghan civilians fleeing the Taliban

Now I've always had a controversial opinion on Immigration reform in that I believe it should take fifteen minutes to become an American. Renounce your old country, promise to be a good American, and then be given a social security card and sent off to seek their fortunes. Ellis Island, but in the desert. Make them into good tax paying citizens and really boost up the economy (also it's the morally correct thing to do).

James and I also discuss an upcoming book he's researching about Anarchist groups in war. How does a group dedicated to anarchism manage to be successful in battle? When the shit hits the fan, does a military leader naturally rise to the top, or does the group work as a militant committee?

We've had James on before to discuss rebel groups printing guns for a revolution in Myanmar, and a history of Antifa. Hear more about the border on "It Can Happen Here" With Robert Evans and James Stout. You can support James' reporting on his Patreon and follow him on twitter @JamesStout


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