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A Comprehensive Guide to Pulling Rank

This week, Francis and Nate discuss the untapped resource forgotten by the military: The junior enlisted.

Now I know you're wondering exactly what can we learn from the lower ranks, beyond the best K-bar branded knife to shotgun beers with, but hear us out: Not every Private is a ball of wet stupid that slipped out of their mothers and into the waiting arms of Uncle Sam. Occasionally those privates have a decade or two of living they can draw upon and possibly help complete the mission. But why don't our leader capitalize on it?

Maybe it's the negative perception of the junior enlisted. We all have our stories of some PFC in jail or a PV2 getting married at 19 (some of you might have been that PFC yourself) but there's also the multitude of privates who are perfectly reasonable, normal humans who don't get screaming drunk on a Tuesday by 7pm. But no one cares about the quiet soldier who does as they're told. No one tells them to speak up.

I will never claim to be a good Soldier, but I will say I am at least a good leader because I see what happens when you're surrounded by bad, or even worse, indifferent leadership. I like privates and specialists because once upon a time I was there too and they always have the best stories. So if you're a leader, you should listen to the younger troops. At the very least you can feel grateful you aren't there any more.

If you want more, we have bonus episodes every week on the Patreon. This week Francis and Brock Wilbur break down Shadow of the Colossus and talk about games in which you're just an utter bastard.


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