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Crying: A Winning Public Affairs Strategy feat. Fred Wellman and Amber Mathwig

This week on What a Hell of a Way to Die, Francis conducts interviews with Fred Wellman, a former Public Affairs officer, and friend of the show and Navy Veteran Amber Mathwig on her recent arrest at the hands of fashy campus cops.

First off, Francis and Fred discuss a piece from the Modern War Institute, an official blog of Westpoint, from what we are told is a public affairs officer. What it actually sounds like is some dork-ass MAGA hat who wants to blame the lack of transparency from the Pentagon on the media because of things like the Stormy Daniels debacle or the Covington Catholic School kids smirking at the Native American drummer.

As we both discuss in the interview, not all journalism is the same. Chase Spears is mad that media don't want to come out to butt-fuck nowhere Kansas where he's stationed to cover yet another training mission that is going to be 85% standing around waiting for officers to get their heads out of their asses.

Then of course comes the backlash against the backlash. Every light colonel with a twitter account and "Army War College" in their bio stood up for the young Public Affairs Officer for having the guts to "tell it like it is". As PAO professionals, I will tell you like it is right now: Not only does Spears show his very obvious political bias in about 500 words, but he also shows he's a terrible public affairs officer who belongs out in the middle of nowhere.

Next, Francis speaks with Amber about her latest activism, including an arrest on the campus she works at. Unsurprisingly, the local campus cops are very cozy with everyone adjacent to white supremacy and don't care about letting anyone else feel safe.

This week’s bonus features a discussion with Bryan Quinby (@MurderBryan) of Street Fight Radio (@streetfightwcrs) on the topic of the recent Ben Affleck military thriller TRIPLE FRONTIER, a movie about divorced dad energy. Get that on the Patreon

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