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I Hate It When Fascists Police My Militarized Borders Somehow

This week on What a Hell of a Way to Die, Nate and Francis discuss a recent development at the Mexican border in which migrants were illegally detained by a bunch of gun toting yokals at the border.

And in what should be a surprise to no one, the leader of this particular "militia" is someone who was breaking federal gun laws as well as claiming to be training to kill Obama, Hillary, Soros, and all us good folks down at the antifa HQ

Problem is, armed civilians patrolling the border is nothing new. People travel from all over the US with their overpriced rifles and Uncle Sam's woodland camo to smoke cigars in the desert while threatening hispanic migrants. Regardless of what you think about border crossing, what these people are doing is kidnapping. They are not law enforcement, but they are using guns to threaten and coerce these people, many who can't speak English, into capture.

It's certainly not helped that the Border Patrol agents are also giving tours to these groups and using them as free labor to patrol areas of the border. But cops love the fash so it's not surprising.

Francis and Nate have different ideas on how to handle immigration, but the differences are like choosing a pair of pants in the morning. There might be slight variations, but you're going out with pants on. What we have here at the border is more of a crisis than any family trying to come across the border and work as a dishwasher in Laredo. We are allowing just anyone to use force against other humans and have them shipped off to detention centers for the crime of wanting to come to America. Which, if I remember most of the movies set in the 1800s or so, is just what a hero tries to do. We are the land of Milk and Honey. Or if you're like me, There's no cats in America

This week’s bonus features an interview between Francis and Carey Shockey (@shocks), a labor lawyer and Coast Guard veteran. He’s the first Coastie we’ve managed to get on the show, and we’re happy to learn about the most secretive of all branches:

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