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Sorry to tell you, but Mayor Pete sucks too

Look I get it. He's young, he's handsome, he's a minority in a way that isn't too visible or threatening. He speaks lots of languages and makes you feel good when he smiles. What's not to love about Pete Buttigieg?

I mean, what is there too love? The man who had to walk back and apoligize for jumping on the "all lives matter" bandwagon because he didn't realize it was being used as a racist dog whistle (what exactly did you think it meant?) The guy who said Pence had all the best intentions when making the AIDS crisis in Indiana explode? The guy who just recently said universal college is a bad idea because the rich people might start sending their kids to Forest Park Community college for free or some shit.

I'm certainly happy that you feel butterflies because of a brand new blue dog democrat, but honestly what's the fucking point if it's not progressing us? Buttigieg calls himself a progressive, but I'm just not sure what he's progressing at this point. As much as I say you can't talk shit on the states between the mountains, you also have to be suspect of anyone who gets elected as a Democrat in a state like Indiana. Just look at Claire McCaskill from Missouri and how she loves to attack any democrat that shows empathy toward someone making less than $100K a year.

As for Biden, well...

Truly, we're kinda fucked unless we elect the socialist lite grumpy grandpa that everyone other than the most brain damaged tweeters at least admit they respect. Though as always, Moltov 2020

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