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This week on What a Hell of a Way to Die, Francis and Nate wax poetic on the next generation of antifa heros and stand in solidarity with #Eggboy and Leen Dweik

First we talk about the political violence of smacking racists with an egg. Rowdy teen William Connolly walked up behind Australian senator Fraser Anning and just smacked an egg on the back of his head and stood there in defiance. Anning earlier said the recent shooting in Christchurch, NZ was the fault of all those damn immigrants showing up and peacefully worshipping and minding their own business. Pretty much said they deserved it.

And certainly out of the wood-works of the internet comes every fash with an "INFIDEL" bumper sticker saying the nonchalant egging of an asshole is violence, goes against free speech, is an attack on dignity, blah blah blah. Fash who celebrate dead immigrants certainly clutch a lot of pearls when one of their own is slightly humiliated online.

Then we have Leen Dweilk, an NYU student and Palestinian attending a vigil and service for those killed in Christchurch, who spoke truth to power in a way I have not seen and hope to see more. Without raising her voice, without calling name, she stood infront of the American Monarchy of Chelsea Clinton and told her off. Told her the rhetoric she pushed against Rep. Ilhan Omar after the right accused her of anti-semitism (she wasn't anti-semetic and we won't get into the bashing of Jews from the right on this post) is what leads to attacks like this.

What does every dork centrist think about this? How DARE this woman SCREAM and BLAME THIS SHOOTING on poor, innocent, PREGNANT CHELSEA CLINTON!!!!!

Of course, Leen was immediately inundated with hate mail which attacked her gender, religion, national origin. And of course all those who form a protective shield around one of the most shielded people in America are nowhere to be found. Because the feminism and racial integrity of centrists, only extends to those who bow down to the kings of queens of party.

Leen said bad things when she was a teen. Lord knows I don't want the shit I said ten years ago when I was 25 held up to scrutiny, double for the things I said when I was 15. Trolling her twitter for problematic takes is just like news orgs posting that a black person killed by cops "was no angel." Stop it, don't be cops. Listen to why someone who is a Muslim teen in America and from Palestine might be mad at the political dynasties we have.

Don't be a cop.

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