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Bad News: the Coast Guard is Now Fash Too

This week on What a Hell of a Way to Die, Francis and Nate talk about the Coast Guard and how they must have been feeling left out not having any right wing reactionaries ready to do battle with the evil *Checks notes* Democratic Socialists of America.

How, you may ask, can someone who has to go through multiple background checks so easily hoodwink the Marines, Army, and finally the Coast Guard into believing he was a perfectly normal and not someone bent on murdering politicians and people fixing brake lights? Very simple, he just had to show up to work.

We have often talked about how the default politics for the military is right wing. Maybe once upon a time Republican and Democrat were on better terms, but recent years have created a harsh divide. And while I cannot say the left doesn't have their violent side (cue guy in hoodie spin kicking a phone out of someone's hand and immediately apologizing or various people dancing in the face of MAGA hat wearers) we certainly aren't creating hit lists.

The Coast Guard, and even more recently, the Marine Corps, are dealing with a rise of white nationalism in their ranks, and honestly it's hard to clamp down on it. How do you know the person calling AOC a damn communist while feverishly refreshing the front page of Fox News has been amassing a weapons stash? Even if you do, lots of people own multiple weapons, so you do you know they are going to kill anyone?

And in the end, even if they do make swasticas out of C-4 and say they admire Hitler sympathizers, there's always going to be people who agree with them or think it's just Irony.

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