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War Criminal Chat: the Clint Lorance Story feat. Michael McGuinness

This week on What a Hell of a Way to Die, we speak with Michael McGuinness who was a weapon squad leader in the same platoon as Lt. Clint Lorance, one of the few people so bad at war that they went to jail for murder.

We spoke about Lorance a year ago after an article from Adam Linehan came out arguing that his actions were murder. Lorance is backed up by fellow garbage war criminal Allan West, so you can be 100% sure what he did was murder. Hell, a lot of what American Soldiers have done could be considered murder, but when you do it so hard you go to jail and Allan West capes for you, you probably deserve to be there.

But a fresh round of begging Trump for pardons has come around, and Lorance is back in the news. Since recently we discovered that doing a re-enlistment ceremony next to a dead Iraqi teen is perfectly fine, then why can you order the shooting death of a couple dudes on a motorcycle?

We'll see how the months go. Most likely Trump's goldfish brain will forget all about it again. If you can't make a policy that's easy to chant, he's not going to hold it in his head very long.

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