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Guaidon’t We Invade Another Country

This week on What a Hell of A Way To Die, it's another year, another attempted invasion of a foreign country. This time though, we're bringing back that classic shit: Fucking with Latin America.

We aren't here to get into if President Maduro is a good leader because it doesn't matter. No force, military or political, is being done altruistically when the US is involved. But this time around we've added a twist: Saying the quiet parts out loud! Marco Rubio especially. Someone has to defend all the rich south american expats running away from getting their money redistributed

Even worse is bringing in Elliot Abrams, one of the architects of Iran/Contra and big fan of right wing death squads to kill communists and, you know, the rightfully elected leaders of a country. I suppose it's about time. The only place we can manage to do regime change without getting our asses handed to us is down south.

This week’s bonus episode features an interview with Nate and Sam Knight, on the topic of DC’s recent ballot initiative getting overturned by its extremely Democrat City Council. You can access that interview here

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