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Francis Presents: Trigger Warning

This week on What a Hell of A Way To Die, I read a book that is the distilled essence of Boomer generation politics. I can't remember how I found it, nor do I remember why I thought it would be good to give myself brain holes reading it, but read it I did and promised to make it a free episode.

Trigger Warning by...Well the author William Johnstone has been dead for fifteen years. J. A. Johnstone, his niece, is the secondary author on this who picked up her uncle's westerns and churned out multiple books about hard working American men loving Republican Jesus and not being racist because actually you're the racist for bringing race up #AllLivesMatter.

The book follows Jake Rivers, a veteran who left the Army and started going to college to finish his degree. The college is, of course, filled with crying communists who scream about the patriarchy, call themselves "post racial" and every other meme posted to facebook pages called "KKKommunists are destroying REAL AMERICA"

Eventually the school is taken over by terrorists, who are also Marxists, and it's up to our hero Jake to take micro aggression and turn them into MACRO Aggressions! Hijinx ensure and (spoiler alert) Jake wins with a good American mix of shooting people and complaining about gun free zones.

The book is insanely racist, sexist, classist and every level of offensive. From the subject matter to the 5th grade writing level. There's even multiple typos on the back cover blurb. If you want, you can read a long thread along with multiple pictures from the book starting at the link at the beginning of this post. I assure you it's the safest way to read it.

I also am starting my monthy TV review, starting with the first episode of Generation Kill which follows the Trigger Warning review. After this, they will be available on the Patreon for $1 a month.

Speaking of the Patreon, this week's offering is another episode of "Is It Fascist" about the Fallout video game series. Francis is joined by Trev from No Cartridge Podcast and Brock Wilbur from multiple media offerings to chat about our favorite post apocalypse Wasteland. Access it here.

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