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Shocking News: Jim Mattis Wasn't Smedley Butler

Another administration member has come and gone, this time retired Marine general James Mattis, who is two parts revered and one part idolized by most people in the military who don't like to think much further than fire and brimstone officer speeches during Change of Command ceremonies

And of course, as soon as Mattis resigned and Trump started to shit talk him as he always does, Mattis became yet another #resistance hero among the smooth brained extremely online liberals and their new buddies, the equally smooth brained never Trumpers who would still sell their mothers and claim the free market.

But you, me, and anyone else reading that resignation letter in which Mattis says the president should have a SecDef who aligns more with his politics should know better. Because Mattis resigned over the pullout from Syria. Regardless of your beliefs on American involvement in Syria, doing less war is not where one should have drawn the line in this administration.

Mattis was fine with Trump calling Nazis fine people. He was fine with Trump letting three Mar A Lago dipshits make VA policy decisions, he was fine with Trump lying through his teeth about helping veterans, and he was fine with sending troops to the border to mill around and waste time. Sure, maybe he wrote a strongly worded op-ed somewhere, maybe he told a reporter he didn't agree, but he stayed anyway. He kept doing the job to be the "adult in the room."

Allow me to disuade the Clinton liberals for a moment. There are no adults in the room in this administration. Everyone is there because they think they can get something. Money, power, a seat at the right hand, whatever it is, people are there for their agenda. Mattis can now go back to being a board member on another Silicon Valley medical grift.

And I see Trump has had some choice words for Gen. Stanley McChrystal too. I'm sure we will as well.

For this week’s bonus episode, Nate interviews veteran writer and journalist Jasper Lo about his experience transitioning back into civilian life from the military, when transitioning also includes returning to the extremely conservative and not particularly pro-military Chinese-American community in New York. You can access the episode at the $5 Patreon tier here

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