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"Jarhead" and a year in review

This week for Christmas we're releasing a bonus episode for free! Francis, Nate and Joe Kassabian from the Lions Led by Donkeys podcast discuss the movie 2005 military movie Jarhead. Or as it should be known: Donnie Darko goes to war.

As we close out the year, the podcast is still in flux and always changing. Since losing our producer and third host, Nate and I have maintained the podcast. Most of that is due to all the ground work we've put down, as well as Nate leaving his regular gig to start his own production business in England.

But mostly it's the fans who keep us doing this every week, and I promise not just the money. Not a week goes by that we don't get feedback and compliments from our fans. From veterans and servicemembers discovering they aren't alone in their political views, to civilians who appreciate listening and learning to the military experience.

We are always evolving. Even recently Nate and I had discussions on what we want to change about bonus content and what we're recording. And as always, we love to hear from you all. So thank you for everything so far, and we look forward to giving you more in the coming years!

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