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Kissing Saddam in Heaven

This week on What a Hell of a Way to Die, Francis and Nate discuss the life and times of the late George Herbert Walker Bush. The Proto-Bush with the Invasion persuasion. A man who helped spawn one of the most expensive wars, one of the worst presidents, and the Jeb! guaca-bowle.

Of course, the media pundits are falling over themselves to be the first to whisper sweet nothings as we say farewell to an honest and decent president, not like the orange monster we find ourselves fighting against! A president who would absolutely pardon everyone after they are found guilty of various acts of fraud and conspiracy! Bush was god damn decent I tell you!

Except, of course, Bush Sr. had no problem pardoning everyone involved in the Iran-Contra in which we sold weapons to Iran so we could use the funds to buy weapons for right wing death squads in south america. If you're thinking "Hey wait a minute, I thought Iran and right wing death squads were our enemies," then have I got some unfortunate news for you. Those things are very bad, unless they are killing leftists and communists. Then America is pretty chummy with them. Of co

Now sure, also at this time America was supporting the Iraqis in the Iran/Iraq war with funding and firepower, but there's no reason you can't meet your goals by selling weapons to everyone.

There are people in this world who think we shouldn't speak ill of the dead. If we were eulogizing a person who had flaws but was overall a good person trying to do their best, I would agree with you. When we're talking about a person who greenlit a bombing run against civilians, the aftermath was referred to as the Highway of Death, you can truly go fuck yourself.

This week’s bonus for our Patreon subscribers is an interview with leftist Army and Marine Corps veteran Carlo Valle (@cvalle0625). He and Nate discuss Carlo’s experience growing up in Honduras, the 2009 coup in that country, and why he tries to keep the door open with his fellow veterans (even when they’re not exactly receptive to socialist politics). You can access that episode here:

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