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Regime Change Fantasia with Bill Kristol

This week on What a Hell of a Way to Die, we examine The greatest trick conservatives ever played: making democrats thing they were on the same side. Hell maybe they are? Dems certainly have been doing so much hand across the aisle shit they've been bodily pulled to the right for decades.

One of the more sentient hams of the right, Bill Kristol, recently tweeted out that regime change in China should be a foreign policy goal for America

Now, hopefully you've been paying attention the the last, say, entire history of America, but we don't exactly do regime change nicely. We, in fact, do nothing nicely and without at the very least a CIA backed assassination plot. There's no regime change better than a violent one. Iraq has proven to be the mostly costly regime change we've ever done, more and longer than reconstruction in Germany post WWII, and yet somehow Iraq is still a smoking hole in the middle east. Afghanistan as well.

Kristol did go on to clarify his statements to say he didn't mean we HAD to go try and do a land war in China. There are of course diplomatic ways to handle regime change (against the president for life in China, for sure) but men like Kristol don't know any kind of change that isn't violent. War is always a perfectly acceptable answer when we don't get our way because men like Kristol are political toddlers. Demanding their wishes be fulfilled and prepared to kill millions to get it.

Kristol and many other of these "never Trump" ghouls have been infecting democrats, and are a reason there is a huge leftist push these days. Democrats are easily hoodwinked by someone sharing 10% of their beliefs that they are willing to compromise the other 90%. And the leftist push is trying to drag them back to the light. Here's hoping it's not futile.

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