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Shamrock you like a hurricane

This year, the Army decided to mix their normal gun humping ways with...I'm not quite sure yet to be honest. It's like someone who spend forty minutes with Adobe After Effects threw some clip art clovers on a bunch of B roll and called it a day.

On this week's episode, Francis watched for the first time and gave a running commentary on it. At best this is a confusing hodgepodge of Irish stereotypes (Shamrocks and...pop and lock dancing?) and at worst, it's pretty offensive, especially to Irish people who don't want to be associated with our imperialism and flying death machines.

Then the team talks about Trump's new Space Force and what exactly that will look like. Francis wrote a piece for Task and Purpose about just this, and he argues that it's all about the Stormtrooper loadout.

Finally, a preview of an interview Nate did with a warrant officer. Managed to ferret one out of his office by luring him with coffee and eclairs. Go to the Patreon for the full interview, just $5 a month to have it delivered to you!

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