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MRE Sommeliers

By far the best part

We also talk about some of the food hacks we've found in our days working from meal 01 to meal 24 in the boxes, and just how they can help you survive. Nate talks about sucking down a packet of sauce he grabbed randomly during Ranger School, and Francis discusses putting in a dip of freeze dried coffee grounds after a particularly rough morning on a Field Training Exercise.

Then we get a bit more serious and get into the plight of military working dogs. Surprise, the military once again can't take care of equipment, even when they're very good boys. MWDs have been languishing in kennels for months on end while adoption papers from former handlers aren't being processed. You'd think the military would want to stop having to take care of them and be happy to pass them off to their former troops, but that would require the military to think of dogs (or troops for that matter) as something more than an NSN.

We've spoken on more than one occasion how the military doesn't really care about the people they've broken, either soldier or civilian on the battlefields they send us to. Once it's too difficult to deal with, everyone is turned out to fend for themselves. Maybe if we for once actually tried the hearts and minds thing, we'd get somewhere.

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