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Common Defense: Vets against Hate

Alex McCoy (@AlexanderMcCoy4) joins us this month to talk about the insanity of military parades, but mostly about his work with Common Defense, a group of veterans organized against hate

We talk a lot on this show about how we try to be the antithesis of racist online veterans who claim they speak for all the vets, but if you want a group of people who are actually doing some activism, you should check out Common Defense. Alex tells some great stories about angry republicans getting ready to yell at protesters and meekly turning away when confronted with people who actually served when most of them just have excuses.

Listen to the episode and do what you can to be involved in creating a better world. There's a lot more hate to counter in this world, and veterans have a great shield to use against the rising tide of angry white dudes who think Sharia Law is on the horizon. We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

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