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We are the Warax

This week The Warax comes to the podcast to discuss the recent dustup with AmVets and their attempt to get some advertising done for their Veterans support organization.

Turns out when AMVETS were turned down for their #PleaseStand leaflet to be jammed into the Super Bowl program, rather than work with the NFL, they went the other way and shit the bed.

In an attempt to drum up controversy, the AMVETS communications director tried to get in contact with Fox News to play into the outrage machine. Here you can see Warax with screen shots of John Hoellwarth bragging about it and trying to find if anyone has a line on a contact at Fox News

Not only is a congressional recognize Veterans Service Organization attempting to manufacture outrage using veterans, but they are really showing their ass that they don't even have a beat reporter they can email at Fox News. I mean, they're the channel of mad white dudes so you'd think they's have a hand on every VSO out there.

In a bout of professionalism that could only come from people who would user their status like this, someone also tried to dox the Warax to do...something. I'm not sure what the plan there was. We posted a picture of him at the beginning of this article so really it's your own fault if you're still having problems

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