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Government Shutdown 2018: Clown School is Closed

The shutdown is already done, but Francis had his drill weekend canceled, so it worked out alright for him. Other government workers got a surprise three day weekend and a free Monday to do some day drinking.

In 2013 the shut down lasted nearly three week. This time around we can thankfully measure it in hours. It only took Democrats 69 hours (nice) to cave in and promise Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients they would do their best to make sure they don't get whole sale deported after coming to this country at the age of 2 or whatever.

Now we on the podcast are big fans of rounding up every illegal immigrant and giving them immediate amnesty and citizenship, but for some reason we have to make becoming an American insanely difficult (That reason is racism btw.)

Make no mistake, there will not be a good answer reached between Liberals and Conservatives for DACA or any other immigrants. They will not give amnesty and ICE and Border patrol will continue to be not just racist fascists, but should also be brought up on manslaughter charges.

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