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Learn our Names First

Jenn Buddens allowed her picture to be taken for a Memorial day story about the grief of the families when their Soldiers are gone. A shot of her and her baby on a blanket spread in front of a gravestone at Miramar National Cemetery, you feel her loss. That will to bring him back and make the family whole again. It's touching and it makes you reflect on the ones left behind.

And of course President jackass had to go make it about him.

I know I shouldn't be surprised Trump would use a fallen Soldier in his petty squabble with the NFL after being told he would never own a franchise. I would honestly be surprised if he accidentally respected a troop.

Interest choice of words from Dinesh D'Souza, decrying those without normal human sympathies. Seana Arrechaga, the woman looking into the casket, asked the tweet to be removed, but of course it won't be. There's no reason for him to and it only makes him look bad to the people who hate him already.

I have often said politicians don't care about veterans once the handshakes are done and the cameras are off. The veterans who need help, the ones who are strugglin with mental or physical problems are viewed as dregs of society, just like anyone in those situations who haven't served.

If you want to honor us, do as Seana says. Learn our names first.

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