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No one actually cares about Alabama

This week, Nate and Francis have Juan (@juanyfbaby) on the show to discuss the recent Alabama Senate race between Doug Jones and Roy Moore. Juan is a politically minded Black American who lived in Mississippi and currently resides in Arizona. Which means he's no stranger to people on the coasts turning up their noses at his home states.

I'm not here to be accusatory towards those on the coasts, especially since plenty of them used to be normal people from regular states (Even NYC Nate is from Indiana). But it sure does seem like we who hail from the fly over states can't catch a break from the rest of the country.

Michael added later that his tweet was comedic hyperbole and that he's had many good times in Alabama. I'm sure all the vulnerable people who live day to day in that state appreciate that the top VH1 I Heart the 90s commentator had a good time during shows in Birmingham.

Alabama was all the talk for nearly a month up until the election, and Doug Jones managed to eke out a .8% win over the racist, sexist, gun fucking, (alleged) pedophile. There was much celebration, lots of fanfare. People vigorously thanked black women for coming out and voting their asses off, not FOR Doug Jones, but AGAINST Roy Moore.

Now ask yourself. What do you hear about Alabama now? Other than Jones saying we need to stop letting the sexual harassment claims against the president keep us from what's important. I'll tell you what I've heard. Black Women are dying during and after child birth at alarming rates. Do you think the thanks will be extended for defeating Roy Moore by offering better comprehensive pre- and post natal care or black women? Of course it won't.

As per usual, democrats will call on Black Americans to save us from ourselves and then push them to the back of the line one more time. It's not the out in the open racism you're used to seeing from the right. It feels more sinister. Like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown after making promise after promise.

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