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I am the Lorax, and I Speak for the Troops

This week, get in deep with the Special Forces of online. Seems there’s some troops out there who think they can speak for all the rest of us veterans

When it comes to flaming piles of garbage, this one is most impressive. It manages to insult civilians, create a class hierarchy of veteran status, insult anyone who doesn’t have their dick on hard for the Tump administration.

Mostly, I’m a big fan of the claim that democrats get more people killed for dumber reasons than republicans. Not 100% sure if he’s blaming Johnson for Vietnam or Obama for Iraq/Afghanistan, but there’s a couple ways to interpret “Special” in Special Forces, as Nate points out.

As for the one who speaks for all veterans, that is only the Warax

In other news, we’re a day behind on this one, but Sgt. Bowe Berghdal might get to walk away from his sentencing with no extra time due to the President being unable to curb his language or his tweeting thumbs. Turns out, it’s not easy to convict someone when their highest boss is constantly talking about how he should be thrown out of a helicopter or just outright executed for desertion. While as a private citizen running for office, this wasn’t an issue for the case. Until Trump recently decided to reference his past comments as to how he feels today.

Sentencing has been pushed back to the 25th of October, so we’ll see soon how this inevitably affects the outcome. One thing is for sure, there’s at least one troop out there grateful for the President’s constant comments.

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