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Shooting the Fleas off a Dogs Back at 500 Yards

This week, Francis and Nate talk about the inexplicable need veterans have to throw their opinions around every time anything happens with a gun. In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting from the Mandalay Bay hotel and Casino, every troop (or almost a troop) who’s ever fumbled with a gun like it were their bored lovers came out of the woodwork.

See, if I were there, I would have shot that dude with my .38 revolver at 400 meters at an upwards angle and hit him square center mass. If I were there, I would have lead a stack team of me and my the four dudes who come by my house for wings and beer every Sunday. Yes Rick had an angioplasty last year, but you should see how he can MOVE. He's killer over short distances.

There has also been a growing feud between Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer and the self proclaimed King of Instagram Dan Blizerian (Who built his brand by having a massive operator beard and taking pictures of himself around lots of guns and half naked women). Blizerian was at the Vegas concert when the shooting started and filmed a couple videos during the shooting. One while running away, one asking a cop for a gun and being told to fuck off, one saying he was going home to get one of his guns, and one deciding not to go back.

Contrast this with Taylor Winston, a Marine veteran who, when the shooting began, stole a truck and started to ferry the wounded to hospitals. And then told the truck owner he was sorry and would pay for the upholstery cleaning.

I'm not sure what to blame here. A chemical crossover of whatever brain stack Blizerian is taking, the nature of gun culture, the fact that he failed out of SEAL school and decided to just get out of the Navy so he could turn into one of those jackasses who spends half his income on Grunt Style shirts.

Whatever it is, it needs to be dealt with before someone like Dan actually has his gun on him and starts shooting into the crowd while switching over to the devil filter on his Instagram filter.

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