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Buddy, They don't even let me respect the flag

Hell yeah we're talking flags. Respecting the hell out of them, saluting them, fucking them, you name it.

This past Sunday, thousands of leftists were forced to try to figure out what an offensive offsides was as NFL players and team owners all over took a knee against...well we're not exactly sure. Trump? Seems like a weird time to be doing that considering that calling players who kneel for the National Anthem a "son of a bitch" is one of the least offensive things we've heard from him.

But lets dive in. First, stop using me, Nate, Adrian or any other veterans in your family in your arguments. We're normal people with our own opinions. Nothing we do or say is yours to use. There's a whole Constitution for you to cite.

Secondly, especially don't use dead Soldiers who can't speak for themselves. We all want to believe Pat Tillman, former NFL player who joined the military and was killed by friendly fire would have been on one side or the other. And maybe he would have, but that's not for you and me to decide.

And remember, the President said horrible things about POWs, Gold Star families, women, immigrants and really anyone he doesn't like in general. But it took insulting the money of rich white men for them to stand up to him.

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