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Bash the Fash!

This past weekend, Nazis invaded the streets of Charlotteville, Va. following a tiki torch parade of white nationalists intimidating protesters demanding a Robert E. Lee statue be taken down. Surrounding the Nazis were dozens of men with AR-15s, confederate flags, and guts built on cheap beer to protect the Nazis against the violent socialists.

I don't need to point out the irony of backing two political idealisms that had to be put down by literally shooting them, but this isn't surprising. It's just amazing the right was finally brazen enough to actually show up with Nazi flags to rallies and force the politicians who have been enjoying their support to disavow them (Except the president who played the 'whataboutism' card.)

If you're mad about people fighting Nazis, you are either unclear about how we dealt with Nazis before, or you are a Nazi sympathizer. Antifa wasn't something that marched in rallies until there were once again fascists to go against. The Alt Right, White Nationalists, Identity Europa, they are all, to one degree or another, Nazi adjacent. They do not deserve a platform to spew their poison messages. One wonders if there were more people chasing out Nazis in 1930s Germany, maybe we could have avoided the whole thing.

Then, we discuss a $3.9B program to fund the Veteran's choice program, which will let veterans go outside the VA for care if necessary. While in many ways this might be just a band-aid, this funding is critical for veterans who need medical and psychological help, and don't have a VA facility near by.

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