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Falling Humvees and Raising Up Women Troops

This week we have Jessica Scott on to talk about gender integration in the combat arms of the military. Scott is a veteran with 22 years in and currently serving as a Signal officer. She gives us an education on how gender segregation destroys unit cohesion. She also discusses Sexual Harassment training in the military and why it is in drastic need of improvement.

The team also talks about military training, and that just because you're doing everything right, doesn't mean it's not dangerous as all hell. Recently we lost 16 troops in a KC-130 crash in Mississippi. When we train, we train as we fight. And when we fight, we have dangerous things at our disposal.

Which, of course, doesn't mean there aren't funny mishaps as well. Last year a load master screwed up to the point of Humvees falling out of their parachute rigging and crashing to the ground during a training exercise. There were no injuries, but there were lots of people in various comments sections crying about how you shouldn't laugh, and what about if this was a combat situation, ect.

The answer is: It would still be funny as hell.

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