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Why a War with Best Korea is Never Happening

First off, though there is still lots of fight to be had, congratulations to the Iraqi Police for liberating Mosul. It was a hard battle, and there's not much left of the city, but it's your win, and no one can take that away from you. If you want to keep up with what's happening in Iraq, I suggest following the account Iraqi Day on twitter.

Second off, let's talk North Korea and the constant state of "will they, won't they" the world does with the Un family. In this week's podcast, Nate breaks down just how much a ground war with North Korea would completely screw over the world economy. Not only does the DPRK have the ability to completely wipe Seoul off the map before out counter weapons could take out their artillery, but a war with Korea would drag the whole region into the fight.

I mean, the North Koreans have literally killed South Koreans in a shelling attack and there hasn't been a war. China doesn't want to enter into a conflict backing the DPRK against the USA because they make too much money from us. We don't want to take the first shot unless we could eradicate the entire country's offensive capabilities in the first five minutes (we can't).

There's a lot of history and even more propaganda thrown around by both sides of the conflict and no real way to parse all the information correctly. All we can do is look to Seoul. As long as they aren't panicked with thousands of North Korean artillery shells aimed at them, we don't need to panic either.

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