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That Proper Legend...

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labor party in the United Kingdom, did something no one really expected last week: He took the majority control away from the conservative party.

No, he didn't "win" by the sense we Americans think, but not all governments work the same way ours does. Think of their parliament like out house of representatives, but they have more than just the Republicans and Democrats. Losing a majority like this means having to form a coalition with one of the smaller parties, and the Tories have been so used to winning for the last few years they haven't exactly made BFFs with anyone else.

The DUP is hardline against abortion and most of the party members consider gay marriage an abomination. The Tories, while conservative and loving austerity measures, know that moving in that direction works only if you're a Northern Irish Protestant who thinks the years spent killing Catholics were the prime of their lives.

Now another Irish party, Sinn Fein, is attempting to block the DUP from forming an alliance with the Tories as this can be considered a blow to the Good Friday Agreement, which provides for power sharing in N. Ireland.

Overall, the Tories stepped on their dicks and are now scrambling to realize that maybe the youth of today don't want to be handed a country where the health and welfare are stripped due to insane austerity measures that seem to keep dumping the country into deeper and deeper debt. Here's hoping the rest of us figure it out.

Then we switch to Ukraine news, in which it seems Russia has taken fake news to a whole new level. Putin has never been afraid to throw his journalists in prison for not speaking nice about him, but it seems now Russian assassins are masquerading as journalists to kill Ukranians who dare not be Putin's buddy.

This is another step in the war-but-not-a-war conflict happening in Ukraine. America is supposed to be standing by Ukranian interests as per our treaties and agreements, but until Russian T-92s are rolling across the boarder with Putin astride the main gun of the lead tank, it's probably going to be a back burner for us.

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