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Don't drop the ball: On Orbs and banks

We have a brand new episode of the podcast up for you, in which we talk about being one with the Orb, the Orb is our friend, and we should never question the Orb. Orb is love, Orb is life...

In the podcast, it's mentioned that Alex Jones, one of the head honchos in combating lizard people among us, had a strangely subdued reaction to the president literally placing his hands on a globe. You can catch up with that here.

Now, I'm not one for conspiracy theories that don't involve numbers stations or the shape of the earth, but I would think Alex Jones, who has screamed about the coming of the golobalists for the last few years, would perhaps have a feeling way down in his stomach. Maybe he just thinks it's his male vitality pills churning away, but I would say this is pretty god damn globalist.

But what the hell do I know, I don't have dick pills to hoc to middle aged men struggling with what to do with their racism when their dicks stop working. All I have is a podcast and a dream.

Next up, your gorilla brain is ready to be smoothed by Mike Cernovich and his anger toward USAA for pulling their ads from Sean Hannity's show. Hannity is the latest to join in on the conspiracy theories of the day and went after the case of Seth Rich, a DNC worker who was murdered in Washington DC. Rather than this be the tragedy of a troubled society, Hannity and crew have banged on about it for days and harasses the family members of Rich for his show.

Cernovich is a clown at best when it comes to the News cycle, but is also stark reminder of what this administration means for the alt right. Usually people like this are ignored at the least, and mercilessly mocked at the most (Which, to be fair, still happens). But Cernovich these days is another welf proclaimed alt righter who has crawled out of the woodowork to scream about conspiracy theories involving pedophilia with PizzaGate (you'll notice none of these people are going against the Catholic Church, which has a long history of exactly what they accuse a random pizza shop for, but I digress)

USAA is a great bank, and if you're going to leave it because of Hannity, you obviously have never dealt with any other bank. No ATM fees, great loan rates that are easy to get, very user friendly interface, it's amazing.

It's so amazing that even though USAA decided to renew their advertising with Hannity, that I'm still going to stick with them. Because Hannity is nothing worth me getting all mad about, and USAA is fantastic.

That's the news for this week, for better or worse

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